How We Added Privacy & Increased Property Value In 3 Days

May 12, 2022
Case Study

In Just 3 Days, Our Talented Landscaping Crew
Restored Privacy To Their Home

While Increasing The Value Of Their Property

Throughout the last 40+ years, we’ve done a lot of landscaping work for homeowners around Bonney Lake and the entire Orting Valley region (check out our Service Areas).

At this point we’ve covered entire sections of neighborhoods and our landscaping work beautifies street after street.

Today we’d like to briefly give you just one easy example of why updating your home’s landscaping can be such a great idea; fast, fun, and effective!

A Simple $10,000 Bonney Lake Landscaping Example

Imagine you’ve been enjoying a nice private yard for decades. No neighbors to fret about. No need to worry about any privacy issues. No need to put thick dark curtains on your windows.

Then, suddenly, the big empty lot next to your home is sold.

Construction begins. And soon, there’s a home built within a stone’s throw next door!

It happens all the time and when it does, you’ve got a few options:

  • You can install a new property fence. The only issue here has to do with the quality of the fence (materials), and corresponding levels of ongoing maintenance.
  • You can build a new shed if that’s something you could make use of. Or, perhaps a pergola or gazebo. The issue is again, quality and the costs involved.
  • You can go with a more natural boundary using privacy plantings.

In this particular case, the homeowners chose the third option. So, we worked with them to choose the specific plants they wanted to use from our Extensive Plant Selection given all the many different variables. Below are the two main kinds of hedging plants they chose with some basic images to show you what they look like.

Emerald Green Arborvitae: versatile, easy to maintain, and malleable.

Glade Landscape With Green Grass And Trimmed Trees Of Evergreen

Laurels: classic, fast growth, and very adaptable to the Puget Sound.

Beautiful Uniform Planting Background Of Laurel (laurus Nobilis)

First we had to come in and remove the grass in the area where we planned to install the privacy hedging. Afterward, we installed the new soil that would ensure these particular plants thrive. Finally, after planting we dressed the area down with quality bark mulch.

Within three working days these homeowners had a beautiful living hedge and their privacy back.

And, that’s not all, the value of their home had increased as well!

Keep in mind we did this right at the end of the season, in the first week of December. And it was a good thing too, because a couple weeks later the entire area was bombarded with snow for a white Christmas holiday.

The Results: These Homeowners Were Ecstatic!

What really impressed them was our Customer-First Approach, our process, and how detail-oriented our Landscape Installation is. They were thrilled by our professionalism, and all the interactions they had with the project foreman who kept them in the loop each step of the way.

If you’re interested in updating your home’s landscaping, don’t be afraid to reach out to Todd’s Nursery. Contact Us today. We’re happy to work with you, lay out all your options, take your vision and budget into account, and exceed your expectations.