The Kind Of High-Quality Service To Expect At Todd’s Nursery

May 12, 2022

The Kind of High-Quality Service You Can Expect
From Todd’s Nursery When You Call or Email

Regardless If Your Issue Takes Us A Minute To Address
Or 10-15 Minutes – We Have The Time!

During the busy season (Feb-August), we get a steady stream of calls at the nursery. But, whether they’re simple or complex; take us just a minute or a quarter of an hour to address, everyone receives the same friendly service from our staff.

Let’s chat about some examples, and give you an idea of what it’s like for us when we’re slammed and have so many gardeners, landscapers, and plant lovers from across Orting Valley looking for our time.

Short Calls: 30 Seconds To A Minute

Sometimes folks who aren’t as tech savvy as others just need to know what our exact address is. They also ask for some simple directions in case they’re coming from the farther reaches of our Service Areas.

Here’s our address:

11002 State Route 162
Puyallup, WA 98374

We’re just off the WA-162 between McMillin and Sumner, in what could be considered the eastern Puyallup area before you get to Bonney Lake and ‘the Prairies’ – Prairie Ridge, Prairie Heights, and South Prairie.

Others want to ask basic questions about things like our Warranty, Refund Policy, and Exchange Policy. Or, they’re wondering if we deliver, whether we can make custom planters, and so forth. All these questions are answered on our FAQs page, but we’re happy to take the time and walk people through the facts on the phone when they call as well.

Longer Calls: 10-15 Minutes

While we have a robust Extensive Selection (including the biggest selection of Trees), you may be wondering if we have that certain tree, shrub, specific variety of flower, etc. And that’s fine, we’re accustomed to getting calls from folks curious to see whether we have that special something they need

With these calls we need to head out into the nursery and walk from section to section, go through the area and locate what you’re looking for. Then we’ll take a count.

What if we don’t see it in one section or another? We check around. We use our walkie-talkies to contact other staff members and get to the bottom of the situation. We want to make sure!

Often We’ll Take Down Your Number And Call Back

If you’re looking for multiple items that we know is going to take us a while to get a handle on, we’ll jot your number down, get all the information, and then call you back. We feel it’s much better than being put on hold! We don’t like putting folks on hold.

Besides, it’s common for our staff to be stopped by other customers while walking around checking on things for you.

What About Emails?

Oh yes, we’re also accustomed to getting emails and we encourage them! Especially when the issue involves a plant.

Here’s an easy example:

“Help, my cherry tree has spots on it! What’s going on?”

Well, it could be multiple issues, so, you can snap a couple photos and send us an email using our Contact Us page. This way one of our specialists can take a look, diagnose the issue, then get back to you by either phone or email.

The other option would be taking a clipping from the tree and bringing it in so we can take a closer look. Regardless, we’re not going to rest until we get your questions and concerns adequately and professionally addressed.

Bottom Line: Todd’s Nursery Staff Won’t Let You Down

At Todd’s we adhere to a strict Customer-First approach, and bend over backwards to ensure you get Attentive Professional Service. If you’d like more proof in the pudding, we cordially invite you to browse our hundreds of 5-star reviews from folks just like you from across the area. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to meeting and helping you soon.