Our Customer-First Focus

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Your Gardening & Landscaping Needs
Have Remained Our Mission
For Over 60 Years

We’re Well-Known Throughout The Puget Sound
For Our Truly Customer-First Approach

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No matter where you wander at Todd’s Nursery, you’ll be warmly greeted soon after arriving. Whether you’re here to visit the Garden Center, to browse our neat Gift Shop with lots of local-artist goods, or to check out our robust plant selection (including the most extensive selection of trees & shrubs), we’re happy to give you as much of our time as you need.

We’re still here and thriving after 60+ years because we care. We’re committed. We’re passionate. And we always come through for the folks who either come to the nursery or work with our Residential Landscaping Design & Installation division. In fact, we only take on one residential landscape at a time for minimal intrusion, maximum efficiency, and “Every tiny detail counts!” workmanship.

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At Todd’s you get educated, friendly, hands-on help for all your outdoor gardening and landscaping needs. No appointment necessary! No extra fees! We even have a local Bonsai & Fairy Garden expert on staff, and offer harder-to-get plants you won’t easily find elsewhere

Any one of our staff will be happy to provide you with quality options, ideas, and insight to help you assemble a plant package that’s perfectly-suited for your Orting Valley home. We also have a wide array of water features, hardscape options, soil amendments, and garden art.

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Botany Plants Lately?

Rain or shine, no matter the season, whether it’s raining, hailing or the sun is shining today, you can depend on Todd’s Nursery to work within your budget and schedule. Your gardening and landscaping needs are our mission.

You can show up with blueprints or even photos and we’ll give you all the helpful-valuable information we can. We aren’t going to rush you. We aren’t sales people either. We’re kind, courteous, plant-lovers who don’t play any pricing games. Reach out and Contact Us if you have any questions.