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Meet The Todd’s Nursery & Residential Landscaping Team

Our Nursery Team

When you are at Todd’s, one thing you’ll notice right away is the FEELING our nursery inspires. We keep the place clean, well-maintained, delightfully arranged, calm, and friendly. We don’t just treat customers with prompt professional service…we’re a close-knit team that works TOGETHER to provide you with an excellent experience.

“Love this place, huge selection, kind staff and gorgeous layout. My kids adore coming here like it’s a zoo!”J & B C.
“We get our fountain pond supplies here every year, and enjoy shopping for plants and flowers at the same time. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, and high-quality plants.”
“The people that run Todd’s Nursery are very courteous and professional. If you have a problem with your order, they’ll fix it and make it right. Great local place to do business with!”Jason L.

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At Todd’s, everyone knows each other’s roles around the Nursery and Garden Center. We appreciate these incredible surroundings and our close-knit working family. And we’re always happy to help one another out. This is why our levels of customer service are so high, because we CARE.

Bottom Line: We put our hearts into Todd’s.

Todds Nursery Potted Perennials Evergreens In Nursery

If you need to chat with gardening experts who understand plants like our domestic fish understand their serene ponds, come on down. Even if by chance we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll do everything we can to help you get it at a reasonable price.

Our Landscaping Design & Installation Division

Todd’s is an extensive 7-acre nursery with a wonderful gift shop, garden center, the largest selection of trees and shrubs, AND a full-service Residential Landscaping team. We’ve been busy beautifying the Orting Valley in more ways than one! Over the decades, our crew has curated hundreds upon hundreds of front and back yard areas (our distinct signature work and attention to detail can be found across entire neighborhoods)!

Most of our landscaping installation team have been collaborating and getting their hands dirty together for over twenty years, and can work absolute miracles! Whether you’ve got blueprints and know exactly what you want, or you’d rather have our team take care of the design aspects and walk you through the details afterward, we look forward to the experience.

Todds Nursery Landscape Crew Working

If you’re interested, one of our landscaping specialists will be happy to meet with you at your home, get your new landscape design put together, and then we’ll install it with our long-standing crew. Reach out and Contact Us today. Or, just pay a visit to the nursery and we’ll get the ball rolling from there.

Botany Plants Lately?
Todd’s is the #1 Orting Valley resource for helping people beautify their home’s outdoor living spaces. Reach out and Contact Us today with any questions. You can send us photos as well and one of our specialists will give you tons of helpful ideas and insight. We genuinely look forward to meeting you soon!