Our Core Values

Todds Nursery Pagoda And Bird Bath

Thriving On The Core Values Our Puget Sound
Customers Demand & Deserve

Personable Service. Integrity. Teamwork. Expertise.
Get Treated Well At Todd’s Nursery

How is it possible that a small passion project started over 60 years ago by our original owners, didn’t just survive here in the Orting Valley area… it thrived? There’s plenty of other nurseries who’ve come and gone since the early 60’s, but how is Todd’s still standing and growing?

If you ask us, the answer revolves around our Core Values. Let’s take a few minutes to walk through them together. Get to know a bit more about what drives our day-to-day business and interactions with local gardeners, plant lovers, and landscapers.

Prompt Personable Service

Hands Showing Abundance Soil

Todd’s is the kind of nursery where you’re greeted by a friendly plant and nursery professional within minutes. Do we get busy? You bet! But we do everything we can to ensure your time is well spent, helpful, inspiring, peaceful & pleasant. This is why locals come to Todd’s regularly just to experience the feeling and serenity of what’s been building here since the early 1960s.

“Knowledgeable, friendly, and local. Good experience!”Virginia, A.
“Lovely place to browse for your next tree or plant.”Michael, S.

A History Of Integrity

Todds Nursery Water Lily Pond Plant

Speaking of the 1960s, if you’d like to learn more, head on over to the Our Story page. From a small passion project, which started a best-friend-run business, to what Todd’s Nursery has become here in the Orting Valley today… we look forward to you becoming part of our plant-lover community.

“Excellent selection, perfect experience and amazing help when requested.”R. M.
“Beautiful selection. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.”Tonya, K.

Unwavering Teamwork

Todd's Nursery Team 1

Something else you’ll notice around the nursery, or if you work with our full-service Landscape Design & Installation crew, is our emphasis on teamwork. We have an expert staff. A great staff. A friendly, accommodating staff who is passionate about what we do and who we do it for.

“Lots of nursery stock with knowledgeable staff. Good fountain supplies.”Mary, H.
“Amazing customer service and selection of plants.”Katie, H.

Genuine Gardening & Landscaping Expertise

Todds Nursery Landscape Crew Working

Some homeowners are shocked to find out most of our residential landscaping crew have been working together for decades. We also have a highly-trained Fairy Garden creator and educated horticulturalists on staff. Sure, every customer is different, but our core values never change.

“One of my favorite places. Great people and an outstanding variety of plants.”Dave, W.
“Happy, knowledgeable and helpful employees. Worth it for sure!Lori, W.

Botany Plants Lately?
Come stop by and browse our Gift Shop with tons of local goods. Spend some time at the nursery and enjoy yourself. Or hire the best landscaping crew in the Puget Sound to beautify your outdoor living space. Contact Us today and share your vision or questions with us. We eagerly look forward to helping!