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Landscape Installation In The Orting Valley
Personalized, Precise & Passionate

Our Experienced, Talented Team Will Exceed Expectations

For 40+ years, homeowners in the Puyallup Valley area have referred our landscape installation team to their neighbors, family, friends, and coworkers…because our service and results are in a word: “Incredible.”

We personalize our workmanship to fit YOUR needs, YOUR budget, and the requirements of YOUR home, to create the landscape you’ve always wanted. Paired with our robust selection of plants (both common and native species to the PNW) and ornamentation, every detail is addressed to such a degree that we’re almost guaranteed to EXCEED your expectations.

How We’ll Install Your Dream Landscape Design

First, we’re going to meet with you at your home as part of our initial Landscape Design consultation. From here, you’ll receive a detailed, itemized, estimate that lays out exactly what’s needed to create your new yard space.

Your budget is primarily determined by the plants you choose (their colors, sizes, species, requirements, etc.), as well as decorative and functional elements that accentuate the area. Once your project begins, you’ll enjoy daily project management and extensive walkthroughs with our team to ensure everything is working perfectly and displayed with true vision.

Phase One: Preparation

Along with our comprehensive plan, our team will arrive and get everything ready for a flawless day-to-day install.

Phase Two: Demolition

For optimal efficiency and minimal intrusion into your life, we’ll handle demotion incrementally, section by section.

Phase Three: Installation

Because our landscape installation team has been working together for decades, this phase is exceptionally smooth.

Experience Is Everything

Our experience means everything: On budget. On time. Pinpointed selections. Artistic flare. Precise work.

Everyday Project Management

From day to day, we keep the lines of communication wide open with you completely in the loop for no surprises.

Minimal Intrusiveness

Our teams put serious emphasis on disrupting your life as little as possible while installing your new landscape.

Followup & Follow Through

We aren’t finished until we walk through the new landscape as many times as needed, going over each detail with you.

What It’s Like To Work With Todd’s

A Sampling Of Our Local 5-star Reviews

“Todd’s has never let me down with the variety of plants and the quality of their plants. Their pricing is very reasonable for the quality you are getting. The staff there are very knowledgeable of the plant you need for shade and sun. I get my starts for my garden there when I don’t do my own starts. Do I recommend this place? Absolutely, you will not be disappointed.”Sweetpea
“Huge selection of plants and landscape supplies. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. One of the best around.William P.
“Always a great experience at Todd’s. The employees are knowledgeable and helpful and they have assisted me with a very pretty yard. I also buy my grass seed from Todd’s. Todd’s Nursery employees, you’re the best!!”Kelly T.
“The people that run Todd’s nursery are very courteous and very professional. If you have a problem with your order they will fix it and make it right. Great local place to do business with!”Jason L.
“Excellent selection of quality, reasonably priced plants, including a good tree selection. Staff is well trained and really knows their stock. They are very helpful in locating particular plants.” Susan S.

Our Puget Sound Service Areas

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Todd’s is the #1 Orting Valley resource for helping people beautify their home’s outdoor living spaces. Reach out and Contact Us today with any questions. You can send us photos as well and one of our specialists will give you tons of helpful ideas and insight. We genuinely look forward to meeting you soon!