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As you read through our hundreds of 5-star customer reviews, testimonials, and votes from across the Orting Valley area, there are three overarching themes you see repeated over and over again:

Maybe you’re not positive on what flowers to layer into that partially-shaded area next to the front door. It could be that you’re not quite sure how to redesign your vegetable garden. Perhaps you’re curious about how to put together your own mini-Bonsai Garden display. You may possibly have questions about the specific kinds of trees that’ll do well and add the right character to your front yard (explore our Tree Selection).

Whatever the case is, we’re eager to help!

It’s nice to have all your plant, gardening, or landscaping questions answered. It’s a relief to have your concerns addressed. It’s nice to be warmly greeted and given as much time as you need by our local horticultural experts!

This is what you can look forward to when you visit, call, or email Todd’s Nursery.

“I love Todd’s. They were very happy to help me with the prices, sizes, and types of plants I was looking for!”Amanda, E.
“Very helpful, full service. Beautiful plants.”Dorothy, W.
“Always our first choice. Healthy plants, great selection and helpful staff. Bob, J.
“I love this nursery! Get plants, tips, and customer service.”Michelle, F.

Botany Plants Lately?

From a small passion project in a pasture in the early 1960’s to our large present day 7-acre nursery that’s become an iconic part of this area… we’ve continued to grow and thrive because of people like YOU.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us and share your questions. Interested in having us help you transform your home’s landscape? All you have to do is let us know, and we’ll conveniently schedule an at-home meeting with one of our specialists. At Todd’s, your vision is our MISSION. And we eagerly await hearing from you soon.