3 Examples Of Why Todd’s Nursery Is So Trusted In Orting Valley

May 12, 2022

3 Examples Of How Our Local Relationships

With Folks In The Orting Valley Area Creates
A Close-Knit Nursery You Can Count On

Todd’s Nursery has been a part of the Orting Valley, building our story in the area for over six decades.

To say we take our reputation seriously, well, that would be an understatement!

We’re a part of peoples’ lives around here in so many ways – generations – and we’ve built strong relationships with families across the Puget Sound. We serve a huge swath of the region (check out our Service Areas).

Today, let’s talk about a trio of easy examples.

Example #1: Memorial Plants

The other day we had a sweet elderly woman (who’s known us for most of her life) come visit the nursery. But, the problem was, she forgot her cane in the car! So, one of our staff took the time to walk her to her car, chat with her along the way, and then walk her back to the Gift Shop.

She’d come for one of our gift cards, which we sell all year long. She was so sweet and thankful!

Turns out that the gift card was for a friend who just experienced a loss in their family. They were going to use the gift card to get some special rose shrubs to plant in this individual’s honor.

We call these memorial plants, and our staff take a lot of time and put their heart into helping people find the right plants to use – getting a feel for who the person was, what they liked, and what plant would best represent them.

It’s not just a part of our Customer-First Focus, but a source of pride.

Example #2: Keeping The Memory Of An Old Home Alive

When folks move here to the Puget Sound from warmer climates, they often want the same plant(s) in their yard to remember how things used to be when it wasn’t so rainy!

These plants can vary:

  • Citrus Trees
  • Plumerias
  • Gardenias
  • Even Palm Trees

Thanks to our huge Tree Selection, we can almost always accommodate their needs. Even with palm trees, we carry a type called Windmill Palm because they can tolerate our colder temperatures and grow to 10-20 feet in garden size. If you give them much more space, they can grow to up to 40 feet.

Again, we’re happy to take the time and find the perfect plants when people need to enjoy a slice of their old home as part of their new landscape.

Speaking of which, that brings us to our third example.

Example #3: Landscape Installs Across Town & Across The Valley

Our Landscape Design & Installation division has been beautifying homes across our service areas for 40+ years. We like to joke about it, but at this point we’ve covered entire neighborhoods! Honestly, there are streets where every other yard you see has been custom-designed and transformed by our crews.

This is thanks to conversations between neighbors.

First they see our guys come in to do the demolition phase and get the area ready. Then, work day by work day, methodically move new plants in, water features, pathways, etc. Afterward, they get to talking.

“Who was that who did such an amazing job with your yard?”
“That was Todd’s! They’re amazing!”

Wrapping Up

From memorial plants, plants to remind newcomers of their homes in more tropical climates, or transforming neighborhoods across the Orting Valley, Todd’s Nursery is a special part of this community.

All these relationships over the years have created a close-knit nursery that you can trust and count on to be there when you need us. Feel free to Contact Us today and join the story. Thanks so much for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.