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Located between Sumner and Orting in the historic Puyallup Valley area of the Puget Sound (check out our Service Areas), Todd’s Nursery is proud to be an authoritative well-equipped resource for our local bonsai and fairy garden communities. We carry not only a quality selection of bonsai tree starters and pots and fairy garden supplies, but we have a specialist on staff who creates incredible Bonsai Fairy Gardens or miniature bonsai gardens as well.

Whether you’re merely curious about the ancient art of bonsai, a beginning enthusiast just getting used to curating a small tree, or a master of the discipline who can delicately prune and trim roots with a practiced hand, we’ve got everything you need.

Quality Wiring
Bonsai Pots
Bonsai Starts
Bonsai Soil
Specialty Rocks
Ornamental Decorations
Complete Trees With Mini-Environments
And More!

Todds Nursery Garden Center Succulent Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens go by many names: Fairy Gardens, Living Zen Gardens, Bonsai Fairy Gardens, Small Moss Gardens, or just Miniature Gardens…at Todd’s Nursery we have everything you need to create your own wonderful display: plants, decorative pebbles, lots of different figurines, some small Bonsai-style houses, miniature tool sheds, etc.

And we always carry a number of unique Fairy Gardens on hand for sale.

At Todd’s Nursery we also have a talented Fairy Garden specialist on staff who creates them for our customers from scratch. While they typically showcase at least one Bonsai Tree, it’s not always necessary.

Whether you’re looking to build a tiny Hobbit-like Home with a swing set and stepping stones, or even a special little town in a pot with wonderful and versatile ground cover, we’re a great resource within the Greater Puyallup area.

We Can Make A Small Fairy Garden For You In Roughly 30 Minutes
Moderate To Larger Or More Complex Fairy Gardens Take Us 1-2 Hours