Discover Our Most Common Complaints & How We Solve Them

May 12, 2022

Our Two Most Common Complaints
From Upset Customers

And The #1 Reason They Always Leave Happy

After six decades in business, we’re not going to try and say we’re absolutely perfect. No way. Like any other company in the Orting Valley, we occasionally make mistakes.

Does that mean we also fail at following through on our Core Values? No.

We understand that from time to time we’re going to deal professionally with upset people, but the goal is to make it so they leave happy. They leave feeling respected, listened to, and taken care of.

Today, let’s talk about our two most common kinds of complaints and what we do when these situations arise. It’s important information when you’re choosing a nursery to depend on over the long haul for all your gardening and landscaping needs.

Complaint #1: “Help, My Plant Died!”

When you purchase plants from Todd’s Nursery, we do everything we can to ensure that they’re Healthy High-Quality Plants.

We do this through three core ways:

  1. We maintain long-standing relationships with a small select few growers across the U.S. who we trust and who we know put their hearts into their plants.
  2. We conduct a lot of quality control when new plants come to the nursery. We only accept A-Grade plants.
  3. We take the time to treat our plants with the TLC they need, properly maintaining and caring for them over time as they await a new home.

But, from time to time, plants die. For example, let’s say you bought ten Laurel, Magnolia, or Arborvitae. Now, 8 of the ten did great! But, 2 of them didn’t survive. Whether it was shock from transport, the time of year they’re being planted, or some sort of illness we simply couldn’t detect (because of no symptoms), you want to be compensated.

And in these rare cases, we’re happy to come through. We look at your photos or clippings, diagnose the issue, and get you some replacements.

Do you know what the most common reason is for plants dying though?

Improper treatment by customers.

Either improper watering, a lack of proper sunlight for the species, or improper fertilization. In these cases, we can’t do much because it wasn’t our fault (learn more on our FAQs page).

Complaint #2: “Your prices seem too high!”

Something we see happen pretty regularly is this.

  • An individual stops by our nursery to check prices on a certain item or plant.
  • Sees price and assumes it seems high.
  • They then go check other competitor nurseries.
  • And end up coming back and getting the plant(s) from us!

We don’t play pricing games. And, we don’t put high mark-ups on our plants either.


Because we’re not trying to get rich. We need to stay competitive, but we do so without taking advantage of customers. At Todd’s we aim to keep our stock affordable and accessible.

And, we stick to our Customer-First Focus!

This is why we regularly go around and compare prices with other nurseries in the area and then stay towards the lower end of the spectrum. We’re plant lovers! We’re passionate gardeners! We’re talented landscapers, and we want others to enjoy nature as much as we do.

Bottom Line: Count On Todd’s When Issues Pop Up

When you deal with Todd’s Nursery, you’re dealing with a very old company here in the Puget Sound with strong local relationships. We’re a part of the community. We care! Not only are we going to sell you healthy plants and handle things when plants die because of something we failed to detect, but we’re also not going to play pricing games. We’re honest!

To see yourself, we invite you to browse our hundreds of 5-star customer reviews. And, come on down and visit the nursery. Spend some time here, it’s relaxing and peaceful. Good for the soul! Along the way you’ll see how passionate we are about what we do. Reach out and Contact Us anytime with questions or concerns.

Thanks for your time today and we look forward to meeting you soon!