How We Exceed Expectations & Modify Plans Without Issue

May 12, 2022

How We Exceed Expectations & Easily Modify
Landscaping Plans Without Issues

Because most of our landscaping crew members have been working together for decades here in the Puget Sound (explore our Service Areas ), they’ve learned how to ensure customer expectations are exceeded while avoiding issues…in every project we undertake.

Whether we’re doing a quick $5,000 backyard overhaul or a massive $50,000 transformation around the entire property, we know how to plan, prepare, and communicate to keep everything running smoothly.

We avoid discontentment.

We avoid situations where things go wrong.

We avoid any missteps, mishaps, or misunderstandings.

Instead, the #1 thing we hear from homeowners after their landscaping installation project is complete is:

“Our family had no idea things would turn out as beautiful as they are!”

Let’s talk about an easy example from our local Puyallup area.

A Dynamic $40,000 Residential Landscape With Modifications

It’s extremely common for plans to change midstream during a landscaping installation. So many things can become apparent once our crew is on site, getting the work done. And each time these changes are well-received.

Some examples include:

  • Maybe the size of the patio needs to change.
  • Maybe the size, location, or style of pathway elements need to change.
  • Maybe the overall size and length of the retaining wall needs to change.

In each case, we get things ironed out immediately, right there, instantaneously and then adjust the rest of the project accordingly.

One of the issues they were juggling was how to situate the flagstones between two separate patios in the backyard area. At first they requested a large slab, but later decided to make it a bit smaller to be more in accordance with the beautiful pathway slabs they chose.

No problem. We simply ordered what we needed, got it there in no time flat, and adjusted the next day. Another change they made midstream was adding a gorgeous water feature to one of the patios.

Again…not a problem whatsoever.

With Todd’s you can be as involved in the Landscaping Design and Landscaping Installation phases as you want to be! We can take complete care of everything, or, work with you each step of the way. For example, picking plants from our Extensive Plant Selection at the nursery and each element that goes into your new outdoor living space.

Bottom Line: Your Landscaping Goals Are Our Mission!

We put substantial emphasis in our Attentive Professional Service throughout each landscaping project. As mentioned, you can be as involved as you want, but regardless, we’re going to ensure no unpleasant surprises. And, should you decide things need to change during the project, we’re happy to make any and all adjustments necessary to EXCEED your expectations.

If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out and Contact Us today. We’re happy to take all the time you need to know you’re dealing with the most experienced full-service nursery in the Orting Valley area. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.